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SUMMIT BUSINESS BROKERS, LOS ANGELES – Specializing in selling your $500,000 to $5 million company.

When it’s time to sell your business, it’s time to hire a business broker who knows the Los Angeles market, understands your needs, and knows how to get the job done.

You’ve worked long and hard to develop and manage your successful business. Now that you’ve decided to sell - especially if it’s for health or retirement reasons - you want a business broker in Los Angeles who’ll put the same care, energy and detail into selling your business that you put into running it.

At an important time like this, you need an experienced business broker in tune with the Los Angeles market. He should have thorough knowledge of business models, accounting from both sides of the table, and true valuation. You need a realistic broker in who won’t waste your precious time or money with empty promises.

A great business broker has the experience and connections to bring multiple bidders to the bargaining table. He is skilled enough to get the right price for your Los Angeles business - and savvy enough to advise you that that might not always mean the best price.

Above all, the business broker representing your Los Angeles business should be an honest and caring broker who honors your confidentiality and truly wants to help you achieve your goals.

Robert Dean is YOUR business broker in Los Angeles. 

Robert Dean and his company, Banner Business Sales Inc. , can take your business on the market and get it listed and sold quickly and efficiently. Roberts brings many years of business knowledge and judgment to his role as business broker for Los Angeles.

A member of the National Association of Realtors, the California Association of Business Brokers and the International Business Broker Association, Robert has access to a huge network of contacts and resources, both locally and internationally. He continually updates his knowledge of the business and sales community, constantly tracking current economic trends.

Robert Dean brings incomparable expertise and a realist's approach to the successful sale of your business.

Banner Business Sales Inc. always respects your sales goals in the context of market reality. For example, if a seller’s financial requirements or expectations are too high, he’ll advise that seller to continue running the business until such time as its value increases, or the seller modifies his or her requirements.

With Robert Dean, you can always count on honesty, integrity, and straightforward communication. You can expect a business broker who'll provide the widest possible exposure to expedite the sale of your business, and still ensure confidentiality throughout the process. You can feel secure knowing your business broker understands the Los Angeles market - and the potential value of your business within that market.

List your business with a knowledgeable, reliable, caring business broker in Los Angeles - Robert Dean and Banner Business Sales Inc.

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Business Brokers Los Angeles
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