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Theta Healing is a revolutionary energy healing technique. 

It is complimentary to all types of Healing from Western Medicine to Shamanic Healing. 

A Theta Practitioner utilizes the Theta Brain Wave to help identify & release limiting beliefs, traumas, or habits preventing a person from living to their fullest potential.  

Tapping into Theta Brainwaves also accesses the limitless power of Creative Source (some may refer to this as God, Creator etc).

Theta Healing, the SubConscious Mind, & Changing Belief Patterns/Systems

One amazing aspect of Theta Healing is its ability to assist the Subconscious Mind in releasing limiting beliefs.

Examples of limiting beliefs are: "I must suffer to heal others", or "Abundance is wrong".

These types of negative beliefs can sabotage relationships, business, and even cause illness.

You may not know this, but you are a very complex being existing on many levels! Genetics, history, emotions, intellect, and so much more make up what is you. You are also a master of hiding limiting beliefs, traumas, & habits on those various levels (programs)

Theta Practitioners can help you identify and release these negative programs. More importantly, they can help you understand/remember & implement on a deep level positive belief systems.

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Theta Healing
Coaching Based Upon
David R. Hawkins
Usui Traditional Reiki

Theta Healing, created by Vianna Stibal, is a Spiritual Healing modality that utilizes deep meditation. This meditation takes a person into the Theta brainwave, which accesses both the dream state, and higher levels of human consciousness.
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David R. Hawkins was a Consciousness Pioneer! He utilized his Psychology background and expanded into the Spiritual relm.
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Usui Ryoho Reiki Healing is an energy healing modality meaning "Universal Source". Reiki utilizes a combination of sacred symbols and energy directed from the practitioners hands on specific areas of the body. Most often, there is no touching the patient involved.
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