The Relationship Alchemists MELVIN & SHERRIE ALLEN, MA Serving Spiritually Conscious Couples and Singles
From A Depth Psychological Perspective
Alchemating Two Unique Spirits
Into One Loving Couple
The Relationship Alchemists

Couple-to-Couple Coaching

The Couple-to-Couple coaching intensive is an intense two day transformational experience with 20-hours of personal and private relationship training and coaching with Melvin and Sherrie, MA. Relationships are not easy, no two people are the same and it takes a constant reshaping of one’s judgments, beliefs, and expectations to weather the relationship journey. It takes more than love to create and sustain a consciously loving relationship.

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Singles Relationship Training

Most people have poor relationship role models and no one was taught relationship skills and tools in school or at home. Most people who are interested in a romantic relationship have only their family history, which has shaped their future for selecting mates. Most role models have failed us. Many singles want consciously loving relationships, but do not know how to obtain them.

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“Sherrie and Melvin are a wonderful couple; they specialize in encouraging personal growth and making spiritual connections between people.”
~ Iyanla Vanzant,
Spiritual Coach, Author

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What We Do

The modern landscape of relationships consists of challenges in the areas of communication, money, sex, and conflict resolution. To overcome these challenges requires learning skills and tools. Dr. Harville Hendrix summed it up with the following quote:

“In forty years of couples therapy, 80% of the couples didn’t need therapy, they needed skills and tools.” ~Dr. Harville Hendrix, Creator of Imago Therapy

As relationship alchemists, Melvin and Sherrie believe that they work with two unique spirits, and blend those spirits into one loving couple by using The Allen Method. This method teaches couples numerous skills, tools, and strategies. Through gentle deep probing and inquiring into the unconscious, these alchemists help clients become aware of their relationship blind spots. This process helps the client take 100% responsibility for the part they play in the relationship, and to recognize the journey involved in two people blending their lives together, honoring each other’s differences.

Through the use of depth psychological concepts and methods such as the use of imagery, storytelling, active imagination, and deeply probing questions, Melvin and Sherrie assist clients in overcoming their relationship difficulties.

The Allen Method, consists of seven distinct elements necessary for having a consciously loving relationship with yourself, first, and then with others:

  • Communication
  • Commitment
  • Continued Growth and Development
  • Creativity
  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Consciousness




Each element has the combination of the masculine and feminine aspects of its nature. This tension, when out of balance, causes a breakdown in the relationship, and the alchemical process is about realigning these out-of-balance elements and bringing them back into alignment.

With this formula and methodology, Melvin and Sherrie have never been unsuccessful at turning a distressed couple around, allowing the couple in their relationship in a consciously loving way.


About Us

Melvin and Sherrie Allen, MA, coined the term Relationship Alchemists and call themselves that because they have the distinct gift of blending the unknown with the known elements of two unique

spirits and transforming them into one loving couple. They also have a unique ability to work with singles in helping them clarify and gain direction in their relationship vision by probing into the individual’s unconscious blind spots of irrational and limiting beliefs, as well as judgments in the area of relationships. Through the process of probing and inquiring, singles and couples are able to see what has been stopping them from being successful in their relationships with themselves and others.

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