Congratulations in advance for passing the GMAT. Celebration is just a short time away. But first, you must get by the GMAT Exam. We believe you already know enough to pass the GMAT Exam. Therefore, The GMAT Club is not another GMAT guide or GMAT prep course that offers to teach you the basics. Instead, we offer a completely unique GMAT exam prep course test taking strategies that dramatically increase your score on the GMAT by enhancing your performance on the day of the GMAT Exam."


1. When failing is not an option. Taking the GMAT Exam is like going to war. Some of you (perhaps 1/2 of you) may not pass. Take with you every weapon, every bit of arsenal that will give you an "edge" over the enemy, i.e., the The Graduate Management Admission Council® (GMAC®) Examiners. The GMAT Club will give you that edge - TAKE ADVANTAGE OF the The GMAT Club exam prep and guide / GMAT course preparation!!! Click here to enter our extensive GMAT exam prep website.

2. When you want an edge. If you take the same GMAT Exam course / GMAT exam prep that everyone else does, where is your edge? The GMAT Club tools will dramatically increase your score easily and accurately.

3. When you are having trouble with the GMAT Exam. Perhaps your practice test scores are not up to par. Perhaps you are a slow reader, have poor reading comprehension, or English is a 2nd language. If so, our Club is the GMAT Exam Course / GMAT exam prep course that is a a must to help you focus and enhance your performance.

Introductory Rate for GMAT Exam Course / GMAT exam Prep Course- $49.99 (with Testimonial)
We also recommend hypnosis sessions with Dr. Nancy Irwin who has successfully helped numerous students pass exams the first time.

GMAT Exam Guide / GMAT exam Prep Course

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