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What IS Search Engine Optimization aka SEO?

Partial List of Computaid Websites that rank at the top of Google, Yahoo, Bing.

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What IS Search Engine Optimzation aka SEO?

Such a commonly used term, yet such a misunderstood one. Search engine optimization, simply put, means telling the search engine, within the code of the website what category the site belongs in (i.e., landscape design los angeles, feng shui consultant los angeles, relationship coach los angeles, etc.).

Search engine programs called 'spiders' crawl the web and 'pick up' web pages. Once the web pages are 'picked up', the search engines analyze them and decide their category and placement.

Just because a website has been search engine optimized does not mean it will be listed at the top of Google, Yahoo or Bing. Search engine optimization insures that a website will be listed in the desired category, but not necessarily at the top of the desired category.

What is the difference between search engine optimization and search engine top ranking?

Search engine optimization is telling the search engine what category your site belongs in. Search engine top ranking is having all the major pieces required for the search engine to list the site in the correct category and place the listing at the top of the category because it considers the site a “VIP” in that category. Top ranking sites are those that are informative, intelligent, and clear in their topic.

How do you choose your SEO specialist?

How often do you get correspondence promising to place you at the top of Google, Yahoo, MSN?

How do you choose who to work with?

Ask questions. Interview your SEO specialist. Ask to see sites that they rank at the top of the search engines. The best answers lie in the proof.

Can they show you sites they have created or optimized that hold the number one spot on Google?


Computaid has been creating top ranking sites for years!

Click here to view a partial list of Computaid sites that rank in the top 3 spots on Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Once you are at the top, you want to keep your visitor on your site.

It is important to note that it is not enough to be at the top of the search engines. The ultimate goal is to turn visitors into clients and therefore you need to keep your visitor on your site after they find you.

For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that your website be eye catching, easy to navigate, interesting, and user friendly.

Computaid has been creating beautiful, eye catching sites for years!

Click here to view our web design portfolio.

Domain Name Tip

Be sure you or your company are the registered owner and the admin contact of your domain name(s).

Click here to check the ownership information of a domain.

Enter the domain name you want to check. When the results display, click the Whois link next to the name.



Suzanna D. Sahakian is the President and founder of Computaid, established in 1984.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Southern California, and is Microsoft Certified: MCP, MCSA, MCDBA, MCSE. Ms. Sahakian is also A+ certified.



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