So, What IS Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO?

Such a commonly used term, yet so misunderstood.

Search engine optimization, simply put, means telling the search engine, IN STRAGETIC PLACES, within the code (which includes the text) what category the site belongs in. This includes the text on the website. For example private homes nurses, arppraisal lititgation support, marriage and family therapist, weight loss clinic, etc.

I’ve had so many people come to me and say, “I paid a company a lot of money to do search engine optimization, and I’m not even in the first 10 pages, or 20 pages, or 50 pages.”

They feel cheated. But, when I check, I see that the contractors did do their job and search engine optimize their site.

THERE IS A DIFFERENT between search engine optimization and search engine optimization for top ranking?
Search engine optimization is telling the search engine what category your site belongs in. You could end up being number 1,200,000 in your category. But, your files have been optimized.
Top ranking is telling the search engine your category (in strategic places) and adding a puzzle full of additional pieces required for the search engine to list the site on the first page of the desired category, because it considers site a “VIP’ in that category.

How do you choose your SEO specialist?
How often do you get correspondence promising to place you at the top of Google, Yahoo, MSN? 178

How do you choose who to work with? 187

Ask questions. Interview your SEO specialist. Ask to see sites that they rank at the top of the search engines. The best answers lies in the proof. Can they show you sites they have created or optimized that hold the number one spot on Google? 232

Top ranking sites are those that are informative, intelligent, and clear in their topic.